Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Sexual Sin" by Mark Driscoll (Podcast #2)

Today's podcast is a sermon by an evangelical Christian pastor in Seattle Washington named Mark Driscoll. Driscoll is one of the straightest shooting men out there about sex in the church. His books, sermons and articles are great for getting to the heart of the problem. The focus of this website is help for the journey to quitting porn and listening to great messages on a regular basis will definitely help. Leave your thoughts, questions, or concerns in the comments. (NOTE: This audio has been posted for a few days now already so if you have already subscribed in iTunes to the podcast you probably received the download a few days ago)

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interview with Ex-Adult Film Star, Crissy (Podcast #1)

The second post here on the site is going to be our first podcast. The audio I'm posting is not original content from this site or myself. Encouraging audio for the journey to freedom is what I want the podcast to be all about. For now I'm just going to scour the internet for great talks, podcasts, sermons, shows or just about anything else that might be helpful. Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you've found something that would be of benefit to others.

Today's audio is very special. Drew Marshal, a radio host on Canadian Christian radio interviews ex-Adult Film Star Crissy about how the daughter of a one-time pastor became a porn-star. Her story is heart-wrenching and convicting all at once.

There are two groups of people who should hear this story: First, men should listen and be brutally reminded of the far-reaching effects of looking at pornography. Putting real flesh and bones on the nameless body on the other side of the screen has to move even the most addicted. Second, women should hear about the environmental forces that pushed her into this manner of living. I am convinced that our churches need godly women ready to get their hands dirty in helping to redeem lives like Crissy's so destroyed by abuse and wrong choices.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Quitting iPhone Porn

This blog is going to be very personal and therefore I have decided to make the inaugural post about what I'm thinking about right now. I have a love/hate relationship with technology. The smart-phone is a relatively new addition to my life but when I took the plunge I went straight for the ultimate smart-phone, namely Apple's IPhone. In retrospect it was not something I put enough thought into in regards to access to porn. I stood in line late last July like many other eager IPhone 3G buyers. Not long after purchasing the phone I realized I was going to need to get some sort of accountability for the internet part of the software interface. I spent a long time searching all over the internet for resources or applications to help with this problem. To make a long story short; as of right now no internet accountability or filter of any sort can operate on the IPhone because Apple does not allow applications to run in the background of the operating system (*this may change with 3.0 coming out this summer). So I was left with two options, give up the IPhone or find some way to turn off the internet feature of the phone. I'm happy to say there is a great solution I have found to this problem. To start off here is a checklist of what you will need:
  1. An IPhone
  2. A Good Friend
Yep, that's it...kind of

Things to Remember:
It is important to remember that on the journey to being porn-free one has to give up some freedom. This is not a bad thing. Let me explain, athletes who train for their sport are constantly giving up personal freedoms in order to excel. They pay great attention to diet, sleep, practice, training etc... This isn't only true for athletes but for musicians or college students or anyone who has a goal in mind to go from point a to point b in their life. The same will be true of any individual who has been even marginally addicted to pornography. If you wish to be free of this enslavement; discipline, or giving up freedoms, is one of the most important parts of movement.

With that being said you will need to be willing to limit some of your internet capabilities on the IPhone to make this work. Notice I said some because most of the functionality of the IPhone is still intact. You will not be able to use Safari to look up any old website but you still have thousands of applications to choose from in Apple's "App" store. Many give you access to news, video, music, EBay, Paypal, banking and many other things without needing a dedicated browser. Keep in mind that you will also want to pick out all the applications that you wish to have on your IPhone before you take this step. This is because it is necessary to disable the ability to install new applications along with disabling Safari. Why? Because many RSS readers and other applications have an embedded browser in their innate functionality. This can become one more way to access porn when you are weak. You can still install new applications but you will need your trusty friend who has your password to enable this function for a few minutes and then disable it again after installing your new applications (*NOTE Make sure none of your applications have an embedded web browser in them).

Then Why Have An IPhone?
If you are visiting this website and reading this post and are still asking that question then either you really shouldn't buy an internet enabled phone or maybe you should check the seriousness of your intentions to quit looking at pornography. Whatever it takes is the motto of this site. Think about your life now and ask yourself if you really want to be struggling with this in 5...10...20 years from now.

How To Set it Up:
The IPhone software comes with a "Restrictions" setting. Here's how you do it:

Go under "Settings":
Then go to "General":
Then go to "Restrictions":

Then touch "Enable Restrictions" and you will see a screen that looks like this:

After Your friend enters the password. (do I need to mention you shouldn't watch:-)
You will see this screen:

After you are done the screen should have only these things "on":

Congratulations you now have the greatest phone known to mankind and you don't have to worry about getting into trouble with it. I'm still hopeful that in the future there will be a way to have some sort of filter or accountability software. Covenant Eyes and XXX Church have both publicly stated that they would be more than willing to develop an application if Apple alters their software to allow for this. My other crazy idea is that one of these companies could just develop their own web browser application for the IPhone and when using this application it filters or monitors your browsing. Feel free to email me your suggestions at quittingpornguy@gmail.com or leave a comment to tell us how this works for you or to encourage others.