Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interview with Ex-Adult Film Star, Crissy (Podcast #1)

The second post here on the site is going to be our first podcast. The audio I'm posting is not original content from this site or myself. Encouraging audio for the journey to freedom is what I want the podcast to be all about. For now I'm just going to scour the internet for great talks, podcasts, sermons, shows or just about anything else that might be helpful. Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you've found something that would be of benefit to others.

Today's audio is very special. Drew Marshal, a radio host on Canadian Christian radio interviews ex-Adult Film Star Crissy about how the daughter of a one-time pastor became a porn-star. Her story is heart-wrenching and convicting all at once.

There are two groups of people who should hear this story: First, men should listen and be brutally reminded of the far-reaching effects of looking at pornography. Putting real flesh and bones on the nameless body on the other side of the screen has to move even the most addicted. Second, women should hear about the environmental forces that pushed her into this manner of living. I am convinced that our churches need godly women ready to get their hands dirty in helping to redeem lives like Crissy's so destroyed by abuse and wrong choices.

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